Day 1 GOP Convention: The Deification of Teflon Trump

The first day of the GOP Convention is over. The Clowns haven’t disappointed. What is coming out of the Trump camp has actually moved the mess from the Clown simile closer to the loony bin.

It began with Melania Trump’s speech. It was heartfelt and her words were inspiring. But they weren’t her words. They were the words of Michelle Obama. Word for word, whole paragraphs. Melania isn’t a politician, she probably had someone writing the speech for her, but she should have been warned not to give too much information, she claimed the words and thoughts were her own and she had a little help putting it all together. That was before everyone realized those were Michelle’s words.

Clinton is now being blamed for Melania Trump plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic Convention opening speech. This is beyond even a head shaker. I’m waiting for the next shoe to drop, accusing Michelle Obama for plagiarizing Melania’s 2016 speech in Michelle’s 2008 speech. Why not? Time travel makes as much sense as the rest of the lies that are being bandied about. No one can justify stupidity and outright plagiarism by the Trump camp. But the apologists are saying it didn’t happen, and it’s Hillary Clinton’s fault people are calling Melania a plagiarist. Ummm, how does that work? Are they claiming Hillary wrote Melania’s speech?

The Trump camp’s response shows exactly who they are: liars, posers, scammers and cheats. Like Teflon Trump, they will do anything to cover up their mistakes and never own up to wrong doing.  But the most important aspect this kerfuffle points out is the complete disrespect for their followers’ intelligence. Trump obviously believe his supporters are so ignorant, so stupid, they can’t see outright plagiarism when it’s in front of their noses.  And maybe Teflon Trump is right.

But as an interesting side point, as Oscar Wilde said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” What could be a greater compliment to Michelle Obama than to use her exact words in such an important moment—the opening day of your husband’s leadership of the GOP and his bid for president? Perhaps Michelle should send Melania a note thanking her for such praise?

For a moment in time, I felt a little compassion for Melania, but it was fleeting. She got what she bargained for, a billionaire husband, warts and all. Every success comes with a price and I wonder at this moment if she feels the money and fame was worth the public humiliation she now endures. My question for the day, will Teflon Trump fire her for failing in this momentous event? He’s kicked out people for less. We shall see.

The other telling moment was Trump’s arrival in a blast of light. I’m wondering what the Evangelicals thought about that?  Was it positive or negative?  I almost laughed at the cheap carnival theatrics. Then I realized it gave several messages—one was hokey and very reminiscent of WWF bad guys taking the ring. Perhaps Trump thought to enhance his image of a big, bad man who was going to be . . .  Be what? Savior? Tyrant? Demagogue?

But Trump’s other message? Not so benign. The blinding light and music arrival was also the way the Devil or Satan arrives in horror films. Think a flash and he appears. I’m sure he believes he’s a god, but the one he chose to represent might be a warning to all believers—here comes the anti-Christ, or the fallen angel, Lucifer. It was a move Hitler or Mussolini would have been proud of, if the technology had existed in their day.  Trump followers burst into applause.

This is a man with no limits to his self-aggrandizement. He doesn’t just want to be President, he wants to be God, Emperor, and, like comic book villains, Ruler of the World!

Those of us old enough to remember this scenario have seen it before, and the results weren’t pretty. Trump isn’t a graphic novel villain, he is real, and so desperate for power and adulation he will do anything, say anything, to gain it.  If by some insane juxtaposition of the stars, he gets his power, he has no intention of wielding it other than for his own financial and egoistic benefit.  We have no superheroes to come and save us, the only ones who can save the world are we the people. We have the ultimate kryptonite at our disposal and we must use it. It’s called the vote.

How To Make America Greater

Now the work really begins. Every GOP election should lose as a clear message – America is great, this is how to MAKE AMERICA GREATER:
– this country is not a theocracy and we can believe, or not, in any religion of our choosing
– your religion is your own and keep it to yourself
– stop this country from becoming an oligarchy run only by the rich, see points below about lobbying and election reform
– our bodies are our own and only we have the right to decide what to do with them
– if you don’t have a vagina, then keep away from female plumbing or we will decide if you get to keep yours or not
– toilets are for people to use to relieve themselves, not to fight over who gets to use which one or not
– elected officials who refuse to do their jobs may be fired, or tried for treason. depending on the actions
– hate crimes can be brought against politicians who incite hate
– no one has the right to decide who we love, marry, or what sex we are, except us
– mind your own business and stay out of peoples’ private lives or we will get all up in yours
– understand that personal money paid into the government for years for retirement is not an entitlement. Government – put back the money you held as a FIDUCIARY for your citizens’ future and stole. Who do you think you are? Bernie Madoff?
– all government representatives, elected officials and employees must be on the same medical plans and Social Security as the rest of the citizens
– all elected officials must have term limits not to exceed that of POTUS
– once out of office, elected officials shall receive the same unemployment compensation as the rest of the citizens
– as in civilized countries outside the USA ,universal health care to be provided for all citizens and permanent residents
– as in many countries outside the USA, top limits on executive salaries should be upheld taking into consideration the entire benefit packages or be subject to  unjust enrichment claims by shareholders
– limits to be federally imposed on interest rates for credit cards, loans etc. not to exceed a fixed percentage above the Treasury rate.
– limit all election spending to a fixed amount paid by the government, no superpacs, no campaign donations of any kind permitted and no electioneering allowed more than 2 months before election. Violation federal criminal offense.
– lobbying by outside interests forbidden. Again, violation is federal criminal offense. Set up special Federal agency to police this.
– don’t you think it’s about time the group who tanked the economy should be brought to justice? If not, it will happen again and again.
– kill tax subsidies for oil companies
– increase minimum wage
– make voting a requirement
– FCC, make a requirement for broadcast license renewal that all newscasts be advertiser free
– Wall Street regulation
– tighten antitrust laws
– fix the tax law to a sliding scale and remove most deductions
– impose import tariffs on companies who manufacture offshore
– send Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, RIce and team to the International Court of Justice to be tried as war criminals
– fix the broken education system that was dummed down by G.W.Bush. Now every child is being left behind the rest of the world education systems
There are a lot more to be added but this is enough for one day.
You are welcome to add your suggestions to the menu of how to MAKE AMERICA GREATER!

Trump vs. Kim Jong Un

There are times when you just have to sit back and let the world pass you by or you can’t get to sleep. Bedtime is my time to grind teeth in angst. Last night my angst came from doing my taxes and contemplating the impossible presidency of Donald Trump. But relief finally came when I stretched my imagination to a probable diplomatic meeting between a newly elected President Trump and Kim Jong Un.
I imagined the conversation might go something like this:
Trump: So Kim Jong, son of Il, funny and appropriate name, by the way. You do look a little ill. Are you not feeling well, little man? And you are a little guy. (Turns and looks at Secret Service contingent standing behind him and addresses them- How am I doing? We sure are having fun aren’t we?)
Kim Jong: What you mean by ‘little guy?’ Be aware and hold your tongue big fat greasy American with strange orange squirrel on head. You are in the presence of Supreme God Leader President For Life Of Empire Of North Korea. Smelly barbarian only serves for 4 years and can be thrown out unless voted in next term. Kim Jong Supreme Imperial Choice Of God is ruler for life.
Trump: Maybe, but I’m a billionaire and big businessman. Little guy like you probably has a teeny weenie too…and no supermodel to bang every night. I love to see her on her knees. (Turns and winks at Secret Service. One gives him a thumbs up.)
Kim Jong: As Imperial Supreme Leader I can have anyone I want in my bed. Beautiful women, pretty boys, orangutans…who or whatever I want. Maybe you even get on your knees for me. Hehehehe! (Turns and waves to ten thousand soldiers standing at attention in the square. There is a thunderous click as they all bring their heels together and laugh on command.)
Trump: You think that’s so hot? I have new ICBMS that are so accurate they can give you a haircut…not that you need it with that dumb flat top. (Grins at bodyguards and nods. What do you think boys? Like the way I slid the BM in on him? I warned I was gonna bomb the shit out of him, now I can bomb him with shit. Good joke huh? Isn’t it fun up here? Secret Service remain motionless.)
Kim Jong: Looks like he’s texting. One of his officers comes over and bends his ear close, then nods as he turns and straightens up before walking away. Kim Jong waves at the military in the square who click their heels again. He turns to Trump and speaks — I don’t think you are so funny, and you won’t either when my first nuclear bomb hits Hawaii. I have ordered one bomb for each insult to the Holy Imperial Sovereign of Sacred Land Of Beauty.
Trump: Turns and motions to one of the Secret Service men. Man walks over, opens a case and displays it in front of Trump who leans over and fumbles around inside.
Man With Case: Mr. President, Sir, you have pushed the red button and entered the code for Pyongyang.
Trump: So? I’ve had enough of this dumbass kid. I’m going to bomb the shit out of him like I promised.
Man With Case: Mr President, we have to get out of here, and fast.
Trump: What’s the rush? It will take hours to get the bombs here from the States.
Man With Case: Uhhh, Mr. President. The nukes will be launched from a submarine just off the coast in the Yellow Sea only a few minutes away. Didn’t you read the briefing the Joint Chiefs gave you before we left?
Trump: I don’t bother with that shit. I’m smarter then all of those assholes, especially the fat assed broad who thinks she’s an Admiral. And what the hell is that whistling sound I hear overhead?

We could be so screwed!

Go Selfie Yourself

Here is my question of the day: how many selfies have you taken, or how often do you take a selfie and post it?

Here’s my own answer. I’ve done it twice. In forever. And I’m old. Once I took a selfie of my hands for a blog post. The other one I took because I wanted to promote a piece of jewelry I bought from a friend and love wearing.

I don’t get the obsession with selfies, or should I say the selfie-obsession. Is it an indication of insecurity? Are you posting now so you can remember what you look like at a particular time in life? Are you afraid you’ll forget? And where to they go, these selfie images? Do they sit in the cloud waiting to be resurrected fifty years hence when you want to see what you looked like in 2016 or are they ephemeral memories lost in the plethora of posts on a Facebook timeline?

And what about travel selfies? Every place people of a certain age now visit has a selfie with them standing in front of the place. Is that to prove they were there? In days gone by photos were taken on vacations for sure. But they might have one or two of the vacationer standing in front of the Taj Mahal or by the Ganges, the rest of the vacation photos are of sights seen and not to be forgotten. Not so today. The memory treasured is not of the view but of the person.

Maybe it’s good to have hundreds of photos of yourself. I have a few photos of how I looked over the years. The majority were taken for publicity purposes when I was in business and had no alterative. Others were with friends at events or trips. Mostly I’ve been camera shy, don’t like to have my picture taken. I don’t know why I have such reluctance, but there it is.

It is nice to see my younger face sometimes, especially after I look in the mirror at my now old one. But a few photos suffice. I can’t imagine sitting and looking at hundreds of images of myself from years gone by.

Think about this. The mind is a wonderful camera. It stores not only images but also the emotions and intellectual responses felt at the time. I see a picture of me with my late husband and it makes me feel happy all over again. There aren’t too many, neither of us liked being photographed other than with friends or at parties, but there are enough to relive the pleasure when I want. Somehow, if there were too many, I’m not sure the effect would be as powerful. But for certain, the emotions surrounding recorded memories are diluted by the obsession to take the pictures, removing oneself out of the moment of pleasure into the selfie mode of necessity to record. Maybe sometimes it’s better to just relax and enjoy the moment while you’re in it.

What do you yourselfie think?


A Brave New Year

Spent the AM watching CBS, ABC and NBC news, then turned to FOX and CNN: floods, war, more floods, fires, more war, politics, hate, police shootings, highway accidents, murders, ISIS killings and being killed, resurgence of the Taliban and al Qaida, then finally, a koala bear rescued from a fire in Australia.  They had to really dig deep to come up with something cheerful.
All of this was interspersed with ads and info on the new Star Wars film. Is it any wonder people are turning to superheroes and science fiction? We are a globe caught  up in a cycle of destruction and hate not seen since the late 1930’s. Look at the blockbuster films in the last years, they are superheroes, comic book characters, and sci-fi.
Reality sucks. It fills the news with hate mongers like Trump and Kim jong-un, who, in the company of fundamentalists, both Christian and Muslim, spew their own forms of hate, calling for death, destruction, violence of the most barbaric sort.
Did you ever wake up and wonder where you were. You turn on the news and find you’ve been transported to a dystopian society you never saw coming.  This is the world that we are now inhabiting and the only answer seems to be to try and find a superhero to save us. There is an aura of helplessness that permeates the ‘regular’ people. No where to turn. No one to turn to for help. No one to trust. 
That is exactly what the people of Germany and Italy thought in the end of the 1930’s when they had suffered war after war, depressions, food shortages, their way of life destroyed. Mussolini and Hitler shouted they would make them great again, turn their lives around, bring back the glory the people deserved. And so they were thought to be saviors. And were GLADLY given all the power they wanted.  You know the result, and if you don’t, shame on you. Go buy a history book or at least Google those names and World War Two to see what the end of the story was.
Isn’t it always said, be careful what you wish for, and also, that history repeats itself. Mankind seems to be genetically hardwired to keep repeating its mistakes over and over.
And on that note, I wish everyone a Happy and Brave New Year!

Who Me Worry? Wrong!

Why are we worried about ISIS and terrorists? It had become an obsession to everyone but the Muslims. I’m speaking about the Muslims who are good family people, never want to kill anyone, love their wives and families. What they want is what we all want. A roof over our heads, a safe place to bring up our kids, a way to make a living. Security, in short. These are the people who should be worried about terrorists. They are the ones who will ultimately suffer the discrimination and harassment of those who see the effects of the terrorists.

With every attack we hear the same litany. “Islam is a religion of peace.” And then we have the next terror attack, but we also have little attacks like the man who beheaded his wife for filing for divorce, or the ones killing a daughter because she was raped. The determination to impose cruel Sharia law which promotes violence to women is alive and well in France and it’s practiced in enclaves in the USA and UK as well.

It is the Muslims who have to sweep their own house, to clean out the Imams who preach violence to their kids. To monitor what sites their kids go to on the internet, to teach them that violence to others is unacceptable. To prove to the world that Islam is really a religion of peace rather than just repeating the empty words. If there should be attacks on ISIS, it should be Muslim countries attacking, giving a clear message that they will not stand for this terrorist behavior.

But the response of the global Muslim community is pathetic and wimpy. I’m really not sorry if this is not Politically Correct. To release the vapid words, “Islam is a religion of peace” with  giving of a little aid to families who have suffered is not acceptable. Do something! Speak out. Be vehement! Say you won’t stand for this. You are the ones who are going to be tagged with the label of ‘terrorist.’ The nice ladies in Bloomingdales and Macys wearing a head scarf or kaftan will be the ones suffering discrimination and abuse. The kids at schools and colleges in the US, UK, France etc. are the ones that will suffer discrimination. And that discrimination can breed more terrorism in a deadly circle of hate.

It’s time for Islam to call for actions by the countries who breed this problem and allow it’s propagation within their boundaries. Don’t just stand there and rub your hands. Doing nothing is a clear sign to the world that you consider the barbaric actions acceptable.

Muslim countries should take in the refugees who have suffered because of Muslim inactivity. Don’t send them to France, USA, UK, Canada, the countries who have also suffered from the terrorists. Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and Emirates, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Dubai, or Kuwait, to name only a few, should take them in.  But mostly, they don’t want them. The Syrians are, after all, your brethren, not ours. Most of these countries can very easily afford them.
Let’s be clear, we have plenty of fanatics in the USA but we would still be very angry if, for instance, let’s make an example of  Country X, who decided they didn’t like the attitude of US Evangelicals sending members convert people in Country X. So, X sends an attack force to bomb Oklahoma City where they heard these people were trained. It would take the USA a nanosecond to be, in the words of one presidential candidate, “bombing the shit out of them.” X has other alternatives. Throw the Evangelicals out.  If the members of those religions in the USA don’t like that treatment, they are the ones to take action towards their people. They can insist they not piss off another country. You are a guest in that country and shouldn’t break their laws. So, to solve the problem, we could have a law in the USA that anyone who goes to another country to preach a religion and the country throws them out, has their passport revoked. Oh yes, now I can hear yelling about how much aid the church groups give in so many countries. That may be true, but they give at a price and the price is preaching conversion. Let them give aid and keep their mouths shut. True aid has no bribery attached.
So, back to Islam. I think we in the USA have two duties, first, throw out anyone who preaches terrorism. We have a history of trying to do such, “The Alien & Seditions Acts 18 US Code Sec.2385” which was repealed in the late 1700. More recently Rep. Jane Harman, D, CA, sponsored “The Violent Radicalization & Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007” which was passed by the House of Representative and not the Senate so it never became law. Essentially, the bill provided the tools to throw out anyone who preached terrorism or conspired to terrorist acts.
The only way to win the war on terrorism is not to fight it anywhere but at home. Our home. We need to take action against those within our borders who preach against our government or seek to commit terrorist acts only WITHIN OUR BORDERS or on US territory such as embassies or bases.Thorough checks for ANYONE coming into the USA from countries with a history of encouraging or giving sanctuary to terrorists, let’s call them THC or Terrorist Harboring Countries. Forget about political correctness. All people from THC must apply for a visa and have a waiting period during which a comprehensive security check is done.

Ban all sales of weapons within the US to anyone without a certain security clearance. This is easier than it sounds.  Homeland Security already issues trusted travelers passes like Global Entry, Nexus and Sentri passes for easy entry in and out of the USA. The assumption is that we have been thoroughly checked to obtain them. Make them the criteria for gun purchase. It takes anywhere from three to six months to obtain the passes so there is an automatic waiting period.

All money going to THC should be frozen unless there is a waiver from a USA government agency who has once again checked both the source of the funds and the recipients. If the source of funding for terrorists is cut off, then they have no way to purchase arms or to get around. It is the world banks who are complicit in terrorism. They let the money flow freely without checks. Make them suffer penalties if it is found they are financing terrorists. Put the IMF in charge and make them culpable also unless they carefully scrutinize all money sent to THC.

The other thing is to get the hell out of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Let the surroundings countries of Islam deal with their terrorist brethren. To do anything else just keeps fanning the flame. If we withdrew all our troops tomorrow and said we weren’t coming back, it would take the wind out of ISIS’ sails.

Then make a conscious effort with all the in-country spy techniques  already in place to track down the rabble-rousing Imams and terrorist group leaders in the US or outside. Get the cyber geeks on their trail, offer rewards to anyone who uncovers means of communication between them. Cheaper than sending troops on the ground or military supplies. Throw the bums out of the country.

As I write this, I know that it mightn’t have saved anyone in San Bernardino, the terrorist was a US citizen born here. Maybe the trusted traveler pass could have caught him. Probably had no criminal record. But someone must have gotten to him. They now think it was his wife. Time will tell. You can never catch all the fish in one net. Takes a while.
Oh, and as an aside, if you go back and look at the Alien and Sedition Acts, many of the Republicans in government today are guilty under those definitions.

Paris, I Grieve With You

My late husband was French. We spent so many wonderful times in Paris, enjoying the restaurants, wandering the streets, sitting at sidewalk cafes drinking in the beauty of the city and the elegance of it’s people. My heart is broken when I see the devastation and horror that the city has endured.

It was with great sorrow I have spent the last nights in front of the television watching news reports of the vicious attacks on the people of Paris. Only cowardly and psychotic people could plan such horrific acts. Could any religion or religious believers sanction this violence? If you believe in God, then you must believe God created all mankind. How then can you justify this kind of savage brutality against God’s creations? Time for the world to take serious notice and unite to put the rabid animals down.

The above was posted on facebook by me on the 14th November. A friend asked me if I saw the irony in my comment. Then I posted what follows as my explanation. To me, there was no irony, but I understood what he meant. Yes, I did understand the irony . . . if I was a religious person. But I’m not.

There is also hypocrisy and contradiction . . . (as well as irony). I am not a believer in an imaginary god. I believe instead in ethical realism.

What is real to me is that actions create reactions. The conquest of Spain by Islamic armies in 711 AD, and  their subsequent occupation, began the process of creating centuries of hate. The crusaders invading the territories of Islam starting in 1095 added fire to the flames. Result: hate on both sides, wounds that never healed.

Islam proclaims itself a religion of peace and yet has a number of  ‘sword verses’ within the Quran such as “ kill those who join other gods with God wherever ye shall find them; and seize them, besiege them, and lay wait for them with every kind of ambush”. But Islam is no worse than Christianity in the time of the Inquisition or any other time where non-Christians were slaughtered. After all, they learned from the Romans who killed the Christians, and so on throughout history.

As a student of history, I have come to believe that religion, at least an insistence on one god, has been the scourge of mankind for millennia. Belief in an invisible god allows man to interpret their god’s wishes in any way the interpreter chooses. It gives great leeway to vent all personal prejudices and hate.

I prefer the ethics of the pack. If a member of the pack is a danger to others within the pack, they are put down. The pack doesn’t need to know of they had an unpleasant childhood, if mummy didn’t love them, or loved them too much, or if they were on drugs, alcohol, or any way impaired. Millions of people each day have the same problems but have impulse control that stops them from performing unethical acts. The pack is clear: danger=death.

God’s messages as interpreted by psychotic humans through the centuries, have been used as permission let go of impulse control and express their hatred and anger as they wish. I say when people behave like rabid dogs dangerous to the pack they should be put down. It is an ethical argument to protect the many from the few. And it is very realistic in the conundrum of morality we are now faced with.

This is not the time for political correctness. It is the time for education, to understand the deep psychoses that underlie these age old problems and work from within to stop them and solve the reasons for their seductive growth.

I believe it is the problem of Islam, the pack from which these dogs come, to take care of the situation. Their pack, their job. If peaceful Islam wants the world to respect them, and not to lump them with the rabid, then it is time for their clergy, and their believers, to speak up and force their leaders to take action. The money to support terrorists comes from somewhere. If the funds are cut off, then organized attacks should fall off. This is a place to start. Countries who fund the rabid dogs should be shunned. Such action is not acceptable in world community.

Refugees pouring out of countries are not the answer to their misery. They just brings the misery with them to the places where they seek refuge. Staying home and solving the problem is the only answer.  Change from this disaster has to come from within, before it is too late for all of us.