Liar, Liar: Politicians Pants on Fire

I spent last week hanging out with friend Melinda Naumann Bates, former Special Assistant to President Clinton for all eight years of his administration and now speaker, news commentator and author.  As usual, we got into political discussions and the candidates for the upcoming, but not soon, election. Damn if she didn’t put me in a political frame of mind. We were especially horrified by the blatant lies so many of the candidates told over and over again, insisting on the truth of the statements, no matter what proof to the contrary was presented to them.  The sad part of the whole charade is the American public falls for the lies and never questions their validity as long the lies support their point of view.

After giving serious consideration about how to educate voters, I have now created a new game show.  It puts forth facts in a way the American public can understand.

The name of the show is: Liar, Liar: The Politicians’ Pants On Fire. The contestants should be chosen at random, people from all over America, both political parties. The prizes should be substantial, and paid out over a period of time. The set for the show is a town hall with pictures of past presidents on the walls, and a red, white and blue swag drape behind the podium. A large flat screen over the swag flashing pictures of both parties hopefuls for the job of POTUS, Congress, whatever major election is coming up.

If a contestant answers correctly, they get money, trips, cars, etc., the usual. If they answer incorrectly, they get thrown in pig pen, have to muck out horse stalls, clean bathrooms, go into sewers, dump hospital toxic waste, some kind of job that deals with cleaning things up. People can call in answers on a separate line, but they have to agree to the same terms as contestants on stage, that is subjecting themselves to the same penalties for wrong answers. The questions will be based on statements made by candidates in elections and contestants have to decide if true or false. T

The only thing that might educate our public to look at facts is the reward of money with the possibility of humiliation. If the answers are wrong, they have to perform the penalty and have it televised. What do you think?

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