Look At Both Sides Of The Story: Syrian Refugees

What’s your take on people trying to get into EEC from Syria?
It occurs to me that letting people into a country isn’t always the best solution if they have a totally different concept of life. The people in the ‘host’ country have spent years making it the way they like it, the way of life that suits them.
The USA resisted each immigrant wave: the Irish, Germans, Italians, Spanish, French, Poles, Chinese, Cubans, Vietnamese, Mexicans, and so forth. That hasn’t turned out so bad and there is good reason. Those refugees came to the USA with the idea of wanting to be part of the country. They have assimilated, accepted the lifestyle for the most part, and after a generation or two have become part of the community. Miami has been re-vitalized by the Cubans, the Mexicans and Asians have added a vitality and muscle to a country that was staid and fixed in their ways. But underlying this is the fact that the concept of family, morals, human rights, culture, and eventual religious ethics between the ‘old’ settlers and the new is very close. Sure, the food might be different at first, but what red blooded USA citizen doesn’t now consider Chinese, Thai, Italian, Cuban, Mexican, Polish, Greek etc. all part of their ‘home cooking?’ But letting a very different culture, a very different way of life that insists on clinging to an outmoded way of life. If my home was being overrun by people who insist on women wearing burkas and hijabs, wanting to have Sharia law, I’d want to resist. Even today, when I go to the mall in CA it displeases me to see women all bundled up in long robes and head scarves. I don’t fully comprehend women in a free country adhering to a way of life that treats them as chattel. The news is clear all over the globe that the same culture of people has tried to enforce their religion, customs and laws on the original settlers wherever they go. I get it.
I also get that democracy has within it the seeds of its own downfall. If the incoming people outnumber the locals after a generation or two, as they are trying to throughout the EEC, then there is the very real possibility they could change that whole fabric of life in the countries they are fleeing to.
It is time to analyze with objectivity and a humanitarian point of view the situation of Syria and the other war torn Middle Eastern countries. Both sides need humane treatment. But no one seems to care about the rights, dignity, and culture of the population that is being invaded. Don’t they have the right to maintain the lifestyles they have fought for generations to have?
One thought, probably unpopular, is that the only way regimes have successfully changed is through internal revolt. When outside forces intervene, it never works.
People who flee from countries to ‘someplace else’ basically have one thing in mind, a better safer life…sure…but the kicker is they want the new place to allow them the same old fabric of culture they were used to. They want the same legal structure, the same customs, religion, morals and mores, the way of life they were used to. And if that doesn’t mesh with life in the new place, well, they want to change that style of life in the new place.
It won’t work, as it’s not working in the UK, France, the Netherlands, etc. All it will end with are either camps full of dissatisfied people, despised by the local population, or a group of immigrants who refuse to adapt and assimilate, also despised by the local population. …just sayin’

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