Who Me Worry? Wrong!

Why are we worried about ISIS and terrorists? It had become an obsession to everyone but the Muslims. I’m speaking about the Muslims who are good family people, never want to kill anyone, love their wives and families. What they want is what we all want. A roof over our heads, a safe place to bring up our kids, a way to make a living. Security, in short. These are the people who should be worried about terrorists. They are the ones who will ultimately suffer the discrimination and harassment of those who see the effects of the terrorists.

With every attack we hear the same litany. “Islam is a religion of peace.” And then we have the next terror attack, but we also have little attacks like the man who beheaded his wife for filing for divorce, or the ones killing a daughter because she was raped. The determination to impose cruel Sharia law which promotes violence to women is alive and well in France and it’s practiced in enclaves in the USA and UK as well.

It is the Muslims who have to sweep their own house, to clean out the Imams who preach violence to their kids. To monitor what sites their kids go to on the internet, to teach them that violence to others is unacceptable. To prove to the world that Islam is really a religion of peace rather than just repeating the empty words. If there should be attacks on ISIS, it should be Muslim countries attacking, giving a clear message that they will not stand for this terrorist behavior.

But the response of the global Muslim community is pathetic and wimpy. I’m really not sorry if this is not Politically Correct. To release the vapid words, “Islam is a religion of peace” with  giving of a little aid to families who have suffered is not acceptable. Do something! Speak out. Be vehement! Say you won’t stand for this. You are the ones who are going to be tagged with the label of ‘terrorist.’ The nice ladies in Bloomingdales and Macys wearing a head scarf or kaftan will be the ones suffering discrimination and abuse. The kids at schools and colleges in the US, UK, France etc. are the ones that will suffer discrimination. And that discrimination can breed more terrorism in a deadly circle of hate.

It’s time for Islam to call for actions by the countries who breed this problem and allow it’s propagation within their boundaries. Don’t just stand there and rub your hands. Doing nothing is a clear sign to the world that you consider the barbaric actions acceptable.

Muslim countries should take in the refugees who have suffered because of Muslim inactivity. Don’t send them to France, USA, UK, Canada, the countries who have also suffered from the terrorists. Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and Emirates, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Dubai, or Kuwait, to name only a few, should take them in.  But mostly, they don’t want them. The Syrians are, after all, your brethren, not ours. Most of these countries can very easily afford them.
Let’s be clear, we have plenty of fanatics in the USA but we would still be very angry if, for instance, let’s make an example of  Country X, who decided they didn’t like the attitude of US Evangelicals sending members convert people in Country X. So, X sends an attack force to bomb Oklahoma City where they heard these people were trained. It would take the USA a nanosecond to be, in the words of one presidential candidate, “bombing the shit out of them.” X has other alternatives. Throw the Evangelicals out.  If the members of those religions in the USA don’t like that treatment, they are the ones to take action towards their people. They can insist they not piss off another country. You are a guest in that country and shouldn’t break their laws. So, to solve the problem, we could have a law in the USA that anyone who goes to another country to preach a religion and the country throws them out, has their passport revoked. Oh yes, now I can hear yelling about how much aid the church groups give in so many countries. That may be true, but they give at a price and the price is preaching conversion. Let them give aid and keep their mouths shut. True aid has no bribery attached.
So, back to Islam. I think we in the USA have two duties, first, throw out anyone who preaches terrorism. We have a history of trying to do such, “The Alien & Seditions Acts 18 US Code Sec.2385” which was repealed in the late 1700. More recently Rep. Jane Harman, D, CA, sponsored “The Violent Radicalization & Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007” which was passed by the House of Representative and not the Senate so it never became law. Essentially, the bill provided the tools to throw out anyone who preached terrorism or conspired to terrorist acts.
The only way to win the war on terrorism is not to fight it anywhere but at home. Our home. We need to take action against those within our borders who preach against our government or seek to commit terrorist acts only WITHIN OUR BORDERS or on US territory such as embassies or bases.Thorough checks for ANYONE coming into the USA from countries with a history of encouraging or giving sanctuary to terrorists, let’s call them THC or Terrorist Harboring Countries. Forget about political correctness. All people from THC must apply for a visa and have a waiting period during which a comprehensive security check is done.

Ban all sales of weapons within the US to anyone without a certain security clearance. This is easier than it sounds.  Homeland Security already issues trusted travelers passes like Global Entry, Nexus and Sentri passes for easy entry in and out of the USA. The assumption is that we have been thoroughly checked to obtain them. Make them the criteria for gun purchase. It takes anywhere from three to six months to obtain the passes so there is an automatic waiting period.

All money going to THC should be frozen unless there is a waiver from a USA government agency who has once again checked both the source of the funds and the recipients. If the source of funding for terrorists is cut off, then they have no way to purchase arms or to get around. It is the world banks who are complicit in terrorism. They let the money flow freely without checks. Make them suffer penalties if it is found they are financing terrorists. Put the IMF in charge and make them culpable also unless they carefully scrutinize all money sent to THC.

The other thing is to get the hell out of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Let the surroundings countries of Islam deal with their terrorist brethren. To do anything else just keeps fanning the flame. If we withdrew all our troops tomorrow and said we weren’t coming back, it would take the wind out of ISIS’ sails.

Then make a conscious effort with all the in-country spy techniques  already in place to track down the rabble-rousing Imams and terrorist group leaders in the US or outside. Get the cyber geeks on their trail, offer rewards to anyone who uncovers means of communication between them. Cheaper than sending troops on the ground or military supplies. Throw the bums out of the country.

As I write this, I know that it mightn’t have saved anyone in San Bernardino, the terrorist was a US citizen born here. Maybe the trusted traveler pass could have caught him. Probably had no criminal record. But someone must have gotten to him. They now think it was his wife. Time will tell. You can never catch all the fish in one net. Takes a while.
Oh, and as an aside, if you go back and look at the Alien and Sedition Acts, many of the Republicans in government today are guilty under those definitions.

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