A Brave New Year

Spent the AM watching CBS, ABC and NBC news, then turned to FOX and CNN: floods, war, more floods, fires, more war, politics, hate, police shootings, highway accidents, murders, ISIS killings and being killed, resurgence of the Taliban and al Qaida, then finally, a koala bear rescued from a fire in Australia.  They had to really dig deep to come up with something cheerful.
All of this was interspersed with ads and info on the new Star Wars film. Is it any wonder people are turning to superheroes and science fiction? We are a globe caught  up in a cycle of destruction and hate not seen since the late 1930’s. Look at the blockbuster films in the last years, they are superheroes, comic book characters, and sci-fi.
Reality sucks. It fills the news with hate mongers like Trump and Kim jong-un, who, in the company of fundamentalists, both Christian and Muslim, spew their own forms of hate, calling for death, destruction, violence of the most barbaric sort.
Did you ever wake up and wonder where you were. You turn on the news and find you’ve been transported to a dystopian society you never saw coming.  This is the world that we are now inhabiting and the only answer seems to be to try and find a superhero to save us. There is an aura of helplessness that permeates the ‘regular’ people. No where to turn. No one to turn to for help. No one to trust. 
That is exactly what the people of Germany and Italy thought in the end of the 1930’s when they had suffered war after war, depressions, food shortages, their way of life destroyed. Mussolini and Hitler shouted they would make them great again, turn their lives around, bring back the glory the people deserved. And so they were thought to be saviors. And were GLADLY given all the power they wanted.  You know the result, and if you don’t, shame on you. Go buy a history book or at least Google those names and World War Two to see what the end of the story was.
Isn’t it always said, be careful what you wish for, and also, that history repeats itself. Mankind seems to be genetically hardwired to keep repeating its mistakes over and over.
And on that note, I wish everyone a Happy and Brave New Year!

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