Almost Finished Editing

“Out Of The Chute” is almost ready, a little more editing, tweaking and fussing about and it will be ready to go to the printer.

“Out Of The Chute” protagonist, Fancy Lady, got her name by mistake and has spent most of her life living with it, up to it, or surpassing it. At age fifty, she finds herself as an out-of-work attorney/executive who climbed her way up to the top of the ladder in the entertainment business. Follow her friends, family and memories as they open her up to understand what life is once you get off the rat-wheel to success.

In a time of disappointed entitlement, when assumptions of achievement lie tattered next to worn-out Gucci shoes and threadbare Armani suits, her story has the ring of universality. Like ‘Everyman’ who thought they were destined to sit at the table with the wheelers and dealers, failure is not the only option. “Out Of The Chute” is about picking up the pieces, throwing out the arrogance and starting over, this time as a participant in the real world.

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