Day 1 GOP Convention: The Deification of Teflon Trump

The first day of the GOP Convention is over. The Clowns haven’t disappointed. What is coming out of the Trump camp has actually moved the mess from the Clown simile closer to the loony bin.

It began with Melania Trump’s speech. It was heartfelt and her words were inspiring. But they weren’t her words. They were the words of Michelle Obama. Word for word, whole paragraphs. Melania isn’t a politician, she probably had someone writing the speech for her, but she should have been warned not to give too much information, she claimed the words and thoughts were her own and she had a little help putting it all together. That was before everyone realized those were Michelle’s words.

Clinton is now being blamed for Melania Trump plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic Convention opening speech. This is beyond even a head shaker. I’m waiting for the next shoe to drop, accusing Michelle Obama for plagiarizing Melania’s 2016 speech in Michelle’s 2008 speech. Why not? Time travel makes as much sense as the rest of the lies that are being bandied about. No one can justify stupidity and outright plagiarism by the Trump camp. But the apologists are saying it didn’t happen, and it’s Hillary Clinton’s fault people are calling Melania a plagiarist. Ummm, how does that work? Are they claiming Hillary wrote Melania’s speech?

The Trump camp’s response shows exactly who they are: liars, posers, scammers and cheats. Like Teflon Trump, they will do anything to cover up their mistakes and never own up to wrong doing.  But the most important aspect this kerfuffle points out is the complete disrespect for their followers’ intelligence. Trump obviously believe his supporters are so ignorant, so stupid, they can’t see outright plagiarism when it’s in front of their noses.  And maybe Teflon Trump is right.

But as an interesting side point, as Oscar Wilde said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” What could be a greater compliment to Michelle Obama than to use her exact words in such an important moment—the opening day of your husband’s leadership of the GOP and his bid for president? Perhaps Michelle should send Melania a note thanking her for such praise?

For a moment in time, I felt a little compassion for Melania, but it was fleeting. She got what she bargained for, a billionaire husband, warts and all. Every success comes with a price and I wonder at this moment if she feels the money and fame was worth the public humiliation she now endures. My question for the day, will Teflon Trump fire her for failing in this momentous event? He’s kicked out people for less. We shall see.

The other telling moment was Trump’s arrival in a blast of light. I’m wondering what the Evangelicals thought about that?  Was it positive or negative?  I almost laughed at the cheap carnival theatrics. Then I realized it gave several messages—one was hokey and very reminiscent of WWF bad guys taking the ring. Perhaps Trump thought to enhance his image of a big, bad man who was going to be . . .  Be what? Savior? Tyrant? Demagogue?

But Trump’s other message? Not so benign. The blinding light and music arrival was also the way the Devil or Satan arrives in horror films. Think a flash and he appears. I’m sure he believes he’s a god, but the one he chose to represent might be a warning to all believers—here comes the anti-Christ, or the fallen angel, Lucifer. It was a move Hitler or Mussolini would have been proud of, if the technology had existed in their day.  Trump followers burst into applause.

This is a man with no limits to his self-aggrandizement. He doesn’t just want to be President, he wants to be God, Emperor, and, like comic book villains, Ruler of the World!

Those of us old enough to remember this scenario have seen it before, and the results weren’t pretty. Trump isn’t a graphic novel villain, he is real, and so desperate for power and adulation he will do anything, say anything, to gain it.  If by some insane juxtaposition of the stars, he gets his power, he has no intention of wielding it other than for his own financial and egoistic benefit.  We have no superheroes to come and save us, the only ones who can save the world are we the people. We have the ultimate kryptonite at our disposal and we must use it. It’s called the vote.