Knowledge vs. Entitlement

The first presidential debate is over and done.  I thought it was going to be more awful than it was so I was almost pleasantly surprised. Hillary did a proper job of setting forth her plans and her knowledge of the job requirements.

Everyone has their own opinion on who was the winner, but my take away is perhaps different. To my mind, Trump made the equivalent of the Howard Dean scream, and I’m surprised it hasn’t had more ink, or whatever coverage is in today’s world.

I thought the seminal moment came when Lester Holt mentioned that the last tax returns of Trumps that were available showed he paid no taxes. Trump acknowledged it with a flip, “I’m smart.” followed by a smirk.  Then Holt asked him how he felt about not paying his fair share, and Trump shrugged his shoulders and remarked something to the effect that “It would only be wasted anyway.”

So, this is what the man thinks who wants to be the next president. He thinks he’s smart for not paying taxes. That means the rest of the country who pays are dumb. This man is living on the shoulders of the American taxpayer and is proud of it?

Wow! How do you feel about that you dumb Americans who pay your taxes while a self proclaimed billionaire pays nothing while he sucks benefits from all the government services you pay for?

The roads to his hotels, the safety of the people who travel to his resorts all are allowed to do so on the money you, the taxpayers have paid for roads, airports, police, firemen. The ports the government supports bring in the items for his hotels and businesses that he has made abroad. When he stiffs a business so it has to close or when he bankrupts one of his companies, the employees can have unemployment insurance to survive while they find other work, that you have paid for. The Donald’s workers and their children are educated in public schools. He benefits greatly, as does any large employer or businessman who caters to the public, from the basics of living provided by the government.

Donald Trump proudly admitted to 100 million viewers he is the biggest welfare queen!

He sucks the government dry and contributes nothing. He was fast to claim money from 9/11 even though he was not a small business damaged by the attack. He is fast to claim bankruptcy, a government benefit that allows legitimate business to be relieved of debt in many cases, or allowed to reorganize in others.  When he has claimed bankruptcy, his employees and suppliers suffered but he still came away with money in his pocket. Those who financed him suffered but he shrugs his shoulders and says, “It’s just business.”

But all of that is the smallest of insults compared to the real slap in the face. If he had paid his taxes, he said it would be wasted anyway.

That slap goes to all you government employees, the military, the police, the fire departments, the schools, the dock workers who unload ships with goods for his hotel bought at reduced prices, the Secret Service who protect his sorry ass and his family. The waste is paying the cost of his private jet that he bills to the government as part of his protection and travel package.

The cost of medical for those who fought for this country, the benefits to their families, the cost of their armaments, fire departments and uniforms, police training, weapons, railroads that carry goods on tracks across the country, Homeland Security checking ports of entry, the CIA, NSA, FCC, and all the other alphabet organizations that make our country run, and that he gets the benefit of are all are waste in his mind.

The message was loud and clear if you listened. Taxpayers are stupid. He knows how to game the system. Everything the government pays for is a waste.

And this is the man people want as president?

It might be better for the country, and certainly cheaper, to put S & M parlors on medicare  because a vote for Trump shows you are looking for the pain!

That’s my take away from the debates folks!


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