From Calvi to Aleria

October 30, 2010 Corsica
Yesterday we decided to take the day off from driving around and do a little bit of work around the apartment. We gave ourselves manicures and pedicures and did some laundry. In Europe they mostly don’t believe in dryers. Remember, we thought there was a shortage of air in France? Anyway, we left in the afternoon with the apartment filled with wet laundry hanging all over the place.
We headed off for some afternoon entertainment at another event from the Festival du Vent. This one was in Calvi at the base of the Citadelle at the Tour du Sel (Salt Tower), a Medieval tower at the foot of the fort looking out over the harbor.
There was a crowd of people when we arrived, mostly families, sitting on the sidewalk, the walls and the tables at the restaurants ringing the harbor.
We sat on the wall and were treated to an odd event where two guys hung, mostly upside down, from the tower. One was supposed to be a Ninja, the other a detective (?) after him. They kept changing costumes while they chased each other back and forth and up and down the tower so it was hard to keep track of what they were doing or who they were supposed to be…actually we didn’t care very much. After a while we gave up and decided to cruise the harbor area, it was still early and we don’t have much light in the apartment.
At the restaurants we found overpriced pizza, and ice cream concoctions for 11€ each, which roughly translates into $15 USD. We found one where we could get a Grand Marnier or Cointreau crepe for 4€ and espresso for 1.5€ and sit at a great table overlooking the harbor. We were happy campers. There was a large table near us with two kids, the parents were all smoking and blowing smoke at us and the kids. They had surely just came from the Festival du Vent and had decided they were doing their part to keep the air clean.
Saturday we went to the Casino Supermarche and had a great time buying food and looking at all the great stuff in the pre-prepared area. We haven’t gone out to eat much as we have a good kitchen at the apartment and have been eating all the wonderful breads, pates and cooked chickens. We found fruits and veggies at the markets and Melinda has been ODing on fig jam and Caprice des Deux cheese with fresh bread from the Boulangerie. I like all the different things for salads and the Panache, combo beer and lemonade. We haven’t been starving…
Saturday afternoon we went to Lumio, a small village hanging off one of the local mountains. It is supposed to be the site of ancient sun worshippers. The town is situated so it catches the reflection of the sunset over Calvi and turns bright pink. We were there too early to catch the sunset but we saw if from Calvi and it was truly pink.

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