How To Make America Greater

Now the work really begins. Every GOP election should lose as a clear message – America is great, this is how to MAKE AMERICA GREATER:
– this country is not a theocracy and we can believe, or not, in any religion of our choosing
– your religion is your own and keep it to yourself
– stop this country from becoming an oligarchy run only by the rich, see points below about lobbying and election reform
– our bodies are our own and only we have the right to decide what to do with them
– if you don’t have a vagina, then keep away from female plumbing or we will decide if you get to keep yours or not
– toilets are for people to use to relieve themselves, not to fight over who gets to use which one or not
– elected officials who refuse to do their jobs may be fired, or tried for treason. depending on the actions
– hate crimes can be brought against politicians who incite hate
– no one has the right to decide who we love, marry, or what sex we are, except us
– mind your own business and stay out of peoples’ private lives or we will get all up in yours
– understand that personal money paid into the government for years for retirement is not an entitlement. Government – put back the money you held as a FIDUCIARY for your citizens’ future and stole. Who do you think you are? Bernie Madoff?
– all government representatives, elected officials and employees must be on the same medical plans and Social Security as the rest of the citizens
– all elected officials must have term limits not to exceed that of POTUS
– once out of office, elected officials shall receive the same unemployment compensation as the rest of the citizens
– as in civilized countries outside the USA ,universal health care to be provided for all citizens and permanent residents
– as in many countries outside the USA, top limits on executive salaries should be upheld taking into consideration the entire benefit packages or be subject to  unjust enrichment claims by shareholders
– limits to be federally imposed on interest rates for credit cards, loans etc. not to exceed a fixed percentage above the Treasury rate.
– limit all election spending to a fixed amount paid by the government, no superpacs, no campaign donations of any kind permitted and no electioneering allowed more than 2 months before election. Violation federal criminal offense.
– lobbying by outside interests forbidden. Again, violation is federal criminal offense. Set up special Federal agency to police this.
– don’t you think it’s about time the group who tanked the economy should be brought to justice? If not, it will happen again and again.
– kill tax subsidies for oil companies
– increase minimum wage
– make voting a requirement
– FCC, make a requirement for broadcast license renewal that all newscasts be advertiser free
– Wall Street regulation
– tighten antitrust laws
– fix the tax law to a sliding scale and remove most deductions
– impose import tariffs on companies who manufacture offshore
– send Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, RIce and team to the International Court of Justice to be tried as war criminals
– fix the broken education system that was dummed down by G.W.Bush. Now every child is being left behind the rest of the world education systems
There are a lot more to be added but this is enough for one day.
You are welcome to add your suggestions to the menu of how to MAKE AMERICA GREATER!