Thank You Mexico

To the people and the government of Mexico:
I want to extend both my humble apologies and my thanks.
I am and have been a happy permanent resident of Mexico for the past 12 years. I appreciate the welcome my adopted country and its people have given me and other Americans who have the good fortune to reside here.
It is with great embarrassment and anger that I saw the announcement issued by the man elected as president of the United States – by less than a majority of our citizens.
Please know that his statement and actions are not in line with my feelings and I am sure with the feelings of the majority of Americans.
Mexico is and has been not only our neighbor, but also our staunch ally and friend in need. I remember the Mexican army supplying aid to the City of New Orleans after Katrina when our then president failed to do so. Living on the border, I understand the cooperation between our two countries with regard to ecology, water, electricity and other common matters.
The economy of San Diego and much of Southern California depends on the open and free trade between our countries. Our farms have been harvested and our cities built by Mexican hands, our government, businesses, courts and professions have been enhanced by brilliance of people of Mexican descent. We would not have the measure of our success without open and viable borders with Mexico.
I find it unconscionable and unforgivable for any United States president to issue such threats to Mexico. He is NOT my president!
Sincerely yours,
Alice Donenfeld-Vernoux
A grateful permanent resident.



The above letter I sent to various Mexican consulates. It is my honor to have Permanent Resident status in Mexico and maintain a pied a terre in California.

The photograph below was taken at the wall between Playas de Tijuana and San Diego County, California. It goes to the water. Each cross represents a Mexican who died trying to seek a chance for hope and a better life in the United States. Now the refugees are coming from Somalia and Haiti to Tijuana to wait for approval for entry by Homeland Security. Their hope is over. They will have no entry and no place to go. The kindness of the Mexican people has kept them alive with food, blankets, clothing and medical assistance. Where they will now go after the immigration freeze is a question with no immediate answer.