Ethical Premises

It’s so interesting when we all share our opinions. Remember when you were at college and sat around discussing questions of importance to you? Now we can expand those questions throughout the internet, facebook, the globe.
I pose an esoteric question to ponder.
If you had to pick one ethical premise that was most important to you, what would it be? I’ve been giving it some thought and I think my choice today, after reading the news and commentary on politics, would be ‘truth’.  I admit, however,  tomorrow my choice might be different.

A brief dictionary definition sums up the concept of ethics: that branch of philosophy dealing with values relating to human conduct, with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to the goodness and badness of the motives and ends of such actions.

Since we are hot and heavy in the midst of the abominable ritual our government has foisted upon us – the political debate – truth has become not only subject to interpretation, it is no longer considered important.  The government lies, the politicians lie, the public lies.  And for what reasons?  Gain?  Greed?  Power?  And what is the human cost?  Who cares!  Notice please, there is no question mark after the prior sentence.

Truth does not just mean a simple lie, it goes far deeper into the psyche of mankind.  The interpreters of religions who spin a prophet’s words to support their own egocentric goals are liars.  The politicians who spin their life stories for voter sympathy to gain power are liars.  The businessmen who spin the books and hide the damage their businesses do are liars.  The woman who spins her age to capture a husband is a liar.  The family who flaunts themselves as relevant when they are without talent other than clawing after fame gained for being famous are liars.  The broker who spins the value of his stocks to the detriment of a world economy is a liar.  With each of these categories, you can add the names, they are known to all, each with their more than fifteen minutes of being in the limelight.  But still, who cares!

And the sad truth is that almost no one cares.  People constantly vote against their own self-interest because they are enamored by the lies that appeal to them.  I can sit at my computer and rail against the lack of truth in the world we live in and count those who care only by the ‘likes’ on my facebook page.  How corrupt and uncaring the untruthful world has become.  Again, no question mark as the sentence is only a statement of fact.  The truth…as I see it.